Get a very sharp knife and cut the San Pedro cactus into cross sections about 2 inches thick, once you have each piece laid out in front use the knife to notch out the needle clusters.

Then Make cuts into each segment along the concave valley of the cactus.

Then proceed to carefully peel away the flesh of the cactus with your fingernails being careful to not pull away the inner green flesh of the San Pedro cactus which holds the alkaloid mescaline.

Using a sharp knife cut off the dark green flesh from the whitish central outer core

Collect all the pieces and then put them into a stainless steel pot or cauldron ready to cook, or you can choose to freeze your cactus cuttings so the ice crystals break down the cell walls of the cactus allowing for more mescaline.

Adding lime juice from ½ lime or vinegar is said to make it more palatable

Add as much water to cactus in the cauldron as you would like to drink, do not allow the water to boil as you might evaporate the mescaline content.

Cook at around 60⁰ - between 6- 21 hours; the longer you cook it the less toxins will be consumed on drinking.

Once cooked, get a container for the liquid and a clean cloth.

Pour the mesa into the fabric and squeeze out all the liquid into the container keep doing until all liquid is out and the matter/ pulp

Collect the pulp and bury it in your garden, (remember, what we take from the earth we give back)

One the liquid is put into bottles, allow it to sit in the sun.

Drink with Caution, hallucinations will occur.

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